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  1. Neuromuscular Massage and Yoga to relieve back Pain


    Back pain is an affliction that people of all ages experience.  For some it comes from repetitive postures such as sitting long hours in front of the computer or holding ones arm in the air while cutting hair or doing dental work.  Other people acquire back pain from traumatic injuries such as auto accidents or sports injuries.  While still others acquire pain from lack of exercise, scoliosis, underlying structural issues such as disc prolapse, or stress.  There are often many contributing factors to the onset of the pain as well as the reoccuring or continued nature of the pain.  Experiencing pain is typically not only uncomfortable but frustrating, fatiguing, and often causes suffering.  

    The unique aspect of these two wholistic approaches to healing back pain work on a deep level within the body to address and change the pain pertetuating patterns.   The phrase "positive feedback loop" refers to a self perpertuating cycle where it keeps going and going and going without any additional stimulus to keep it going.  The idea is that once set in motion it stays in motion.  Positive feedback loops can be desireable and undesireable, and in the case of a pain pattern in your body...undersireable.  On the upside, however, this loop can be broken when we teach the body a new way to behave.  If the positive feedback loop (pain syndrome) has been going for a short time, it is typically quicker to stop.  If the feedback loop has been has been around for a while and has been creating a deeper groove into the record so to speak, then it typically takes a little more time and consistant work to release it.   This his is where both neuromuscular massage and yoga come in to play.  

    Neuromuscular massage is about giving new input into the body and nervous system to change the pain pattern.  These techniques can include hands on specific massage techniques, active and passive movements, electrical stimulation, along with other techniques.  Yoga also gives your body new input that comes actively from you.  When yoga is done daily, your results multiply happening quicker and staying longer.  Not only does the communication between the nerves (neuro) and muscles (muscular) adapt, but the brain becomes more involved strengthening this new awareness of where you want to be in your body.  With yoga, multiple systems become involved facilitating increased interaction throughout the entire body, mind and breath.  

    A daily therapeutic home practice of yoga can be very simple including 1-3 postures.  This can be enough to create space in your body additionally bringing strength and length to the muscles, along with a greater awareness and change to your habitual patterns.  A personalized practice geared to your specific needs .  

    I observe that the combination of neuromuscular massage and yoga is very powerful for freeing the body from current pains and paving the path for healthy painfree living!  If you, or someone you know is interested in setting up an appointment or learning more, we are happy to connect with them.  Click here to contact us.

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