Therapeutic Massage

The Balanced Being specializes in the integrated blend of the art and science of manual therapy.  Experienced therapists apply skillful techniques addressing each individuals unique needs and preferences.  Whether the session is with someone recovering from an auto accident, an athlete training for a triathlon, or an expectant mother, the session is insightfully customized.  Our sessions provide a joyful experience with unparalleled results!

We specialize in:

  • Medical Massage
  • Prenatal Massage
  • Sports Massage


Customized Medical Massage Sessions

Medical Massage supports people who contend with painful conditions related to injuries or illness.  These sessions begin from a place of inquiry into the nature of the pain and dysfunction.  We look to understand the underlying causes or dynamics in the body and therefore can support the whole person through a relational approach of 1) skillfully applying effective techniques, 2)  to the related places,  and 3)  that can be received by the individual in a healing way.  As individual situations are unique, so is each Customized Medical Massage Session treatment plan.     

Conditions that have been supported and/or treated through Customized Medical Massage Sessions at The Balanced Being include: 

  • Vertebral Disc degeneration
  • Vertebral Disc Prolapse (bulging, herniated and ruptured discs)
  • Nerve Impingement
  • Muscle Spasms

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Techniques that we use can include Neuromuscular Reeducation, Fascial release, Deep Tissue, Swedish, PNF techniques, Heat Therapy, Positional Release, and Electrical Stimulation.

HSA, Flex, and Insurance:

  • With a doctors prescription, medical massage can be covered through your HSA and Flex Spending Account
  • Check your Health Insurance plan as you may have coverage.  
  • We work with Workers Compensation and Auto Accident claims.  


    Prenatal Massage

    During the time of pregnancy a womans body is changing dramatically.  The hormone relaxin is released and the stabilizing ligaments become soft and unstable with the muscles overcompensating becoming fatigued and sore.  Research shows that when regular massages are received during pregnancy, women have less complications during delivery, shorter delivery times, along with common symptoms during pregnancy lessened.  

    At The Balanced Being we specialize in working with women during pregnancy.  Many of our clients have been high risk pregnancies.  Including regular therapeutic massage as a part of their prenatal support, our clients share a variety of success stories.  Our clients have had full term twins following months of bedrest, vaginal deliveries following previous c-section births, and minimized symptoms of sciatica, anxiety, swelling, muscle cramping, and lack of sleep.

    The positioning of the mother during the session is determined at the time of the session.  Options can include face down with full support through specialized pregnancy body cushions, side lying variations with special supports, and semi reclined.   We have special cushioning and supports available to create a comfortable and safe session for everyone. 

    During unique pregancies we also accomodate the needs of the mother by coming to hospitals and homes.    

    Special dvd's for viewing are also available in conjunction with the prenatal massage session, offering interviews and insights from the leading prenatal researchers in the country.  Unique and insightful perspectives are offered on the babies perception and experience prior to birth and includes a variety of informative and supportive tips for the parents to be. 

    To schedule a prenatal massage session or to get further information, call 720-219-5622. 


    Sports Massage 

    We work with individuals using their bodies in remarkable ways that often go above and beyond their "norm".   This includes marathon runners increasing speed or moving on to ultra marathons, triathletes increasing distance and speed, first time marathon runners, individuals getting into a new sport or workout,  those recovering from a sports injury, or those getting back to their sport after injuries such as auto accidents or repetitive motion injuries.  With each athlete we customize the session to the meet need and the situation.  Different massage techniques are used at different times in the training, event, and recovery of an athlete.  We will work closely with you to support your training path and goals.