Yoga, an ancient practice from India, meaning "union," brings health and integration of your body, mind and spirit.  The yoga classes we offer are in the Iyengar tradition of yoga, which not only has an exquisite emphasis on alignment and detailed actions to provide a safe and effective experience, but embraces the full path of yoga.  The Iyengar method of yoga, named after the late Mr. B.K.S. Iyenger, offers a tremendous opportunity for therapeutic applications as well as advanced study in the philosophy and postures.   All people are welcome, no matter your level of flexibility, health, or age.   This method of yoga is truly accessible to all.   Certified teachers in the Iyengar method go through many years of rigorous training and testing.  It is with honor and gratitude that I share these teachings with you and continue this lineage of yoga. 

Yoga Class

Group Yoga Classes at our Living Yoga Studio

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Private Yoga Sessions

Individual classes are uniquely designed and taught one to one.  Whether you are new to yoga, have therapeutic issues, or are an advanced practitioner, instruction and support are given to guide your practice and meet your individual needs. 

Corporate Yoga Classes

Instruction and props are brought to you and your staff at the work location.  This is a wonderful way to support health and wellbeing.   Yoga  brings focus to the mind, releases stress, can be energizing and restorative.  Class times can be adjusted to fit into the lunch hour or any other time during the day. 

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Do have a tv?  Are you a Comcast/Xfinity subscriber?  If so, you can do yoga at home with Kelly.  The Living Yoga Series airs daily on Comcast television chanel 105 at 6am and Noon.  The Living Yoga Series can also be seen ON Demand anytime you chose.