Newsletter         Issue 1              February 2, 2009

I hope this finds you well as we move into 2009.  

The Balanced Being offers an expansive range of services and products to support your path in wellness and life.  In addition to the soft tissue therapies provided over the last 12 years, individual and group yoga sessions, workshops, and wellbeing/eco products are available to further your health and well-Beingness.  

In this issue: 

  • Yoga
  • Valentines Special
  • Neck Workshop
  • Private Sessions
  • Group Classes
  • Meditation for Stress
  • Being Balanced Tip of the Day
  • Quote of Day

Yoga, an ancient practice from India, meaning "union," brings health and integration of your body, mind and spirit.  The yoga classes I offer are in the Iyengar tradition which has an exquisite emphasis on alignment and detailed actions providing a safe and effective experience.  The Iyengar method of yoga offers a tremendous opportunity for therapeutic applications as well as advanced study in the philosophy and postures.   All people are welcome, no matter your level of flexibililty, health, or age.   This yoga is truly accessable to everyone.    Certified teachers in the Iyengar method go through many years of rigorous training and certification, disseminating and integrating the teachings of the living master, B.K.S. Iyengar.  It is with honor and gratitude that I share these teachings with you and continue this lineage of yoga.

Couple doing yoga at sunsetValentines Special (private yoga class for two!)  

10% off regular price     (during the month of February)  

  • Connect deeper with your partner as you connect deeper with yourself  
  • Surprise your partner with the gift of yoga and share a new experience together

Call 303-575-1025 to schedule your Valentine Session

Free your neck - Workshop 

If you experience neck pain, headaches, upper back pain or shoulder issues, this class is for you!  

This workshop will provide you with: 

  • An understanding of the anatomy of the neck and shoulder girdle
  • Greater ROM (range of movement) of the neck and shoulder
  • Effective postures to support the health of the neck, upper back and shoulders
  • A fun and informative experience at in increadibly affordable rate! 

Workshop Details 

  • When:  Thursday, February 19th,  6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
  • How much$40 at the door, or  $30 when registered by Feb. 10th, or $25 when registered by Feb. 10th with one or more persons (Cash, Check, or Credit accepted)
  • Where1776 S. Jackson St., Conference room B (lower level)
  • To Register call 303-575-1025

Private yoga sessions

  • 10% off your first individual session, or
  • 15% off your first series of 4, or
  • 25% of your first series of 8 (equal to 2 free sessions!)

Introductory special runs through February- must register by Feb. 28th

Sessions will include a variety of asanas (postures) that will bring strength and flexibily to your entire body, bring focus and clarity to your mind, and bring relaxation and calm to your nervous system.  Each session will be designed especially for you.   Optional photo documentation of your series is available (helps in recalling the poses while practicing at home). 

Yoga ClassGroup Yoga Classes

   Day          Level          Studio          Time    

  • Monday            Basics              IYCD                7:15-8:45pm
  • Wednesday     Level 1              IYCD                6:45-8:15pm
  • Friday               Level 1             Blue Spruce     9-10:15am 
  • Saturday           Level 1             CSIY                 9-10:30am

Basics is a 4 week series for 1st timers and those new to Iyengar yoga (starts the first Monday of each month)

Level 1 is a continuing class focusing on the fundamentals of yoga

For studio locations and class prices click on the studio links above.     

For more information call 303-575-1025.

Meditation for Stress Relief 

Meditation is a simple, yet profound universal practice that brings many benefits, a few include: groundedness, spaciousness, clarity, and feelings of deep connectedness.  

Come learn the simple techniques that Dr. Villy Doctor, teacher/scholar/humanitarian, shares with people around the world.  

  • Dates offered: 
    • Wednesday February 11th 9:30am-10:30am,
    • Thursday February 12th 5:30 pm-6:30pm,  
    • Friday March 6th 12pm to 1pm
  • Where: 1776 S. Jackson St.,  Conference Room B (Lower Level)
  • Classes are offered on a donation basis

Being Balanced Tip of the Day

A Two Breath Break

  • Sit with both feet on the floor.  
  • Lengthen your spine up. 
  • Drop your shoulders down and move them slightly back as you lift and open your chest.   
  • Close your eyes (after reading through these instructions).  
  • Bring your awareness to your breath. 
  • Notice when the inhalation begins.  Observe the air moving through your nostrils.  Observe your ribcage expanding as you inhale. 
  • Notice when the inhalation turns into the exhalation.  Observe your body as the air releases. 
  • Notice when the exhalation turns into the inhalation and follow the cycle again. 

Tip:  If your mind wanders, simply bring your awareness back to your breath. 

Quote of the Day:

Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you.  ~John De Paola



Additional services offered through the Balanced Being include onsite massage and yoga classes for businesses, schools and corporations.  For more information and scheduling call 303-575-1025.   

I look forward to connecting again with you soon.  Kelly Moore  

P.S.  If time has slipped away and you have not been into the office in the last year, please note my new office address:  1776 S. Jackson St., Suite 830, Denver, CO 80210 click here to see a map

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