Legs Up the Wall

  1. Lie flat on your back
  2. Hips are a few inches away from wall (sacrum bone- triangular bone at the base of your spine is resting on floor)
  3. Lumbar spine (low back) is neutral- not excessively arching up or pressing into the floor
  4. Legs are straight up
  5. Shoulders move away from your ears
  6. Arms rest and the chest is lifted
  7. Relax for 5 to 10 minutes, observe your breath
  8. To come out, bend knees, roll to your side, use your arms to lift to come back up

*If legs are stiff and bent, move further away from the wall

*If feet fall asleep, flex ankles several times then come out

Benefits:  This position passively releases the spinal muscles, creates space between the vertebrae, releases the calf muscles, moves lymph, relaxes the nervous system, aids in digestion and organ function, calms the mind.