Being Balanced Tip of the Day

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Standing Twist

This is a great pose that can easily be done just about anywhere.  Whether you are at your desk, walking through a park (using a park bench), or at home, you can do this pose to release your back and hips along with increasing energy through the body, flushing the organs, alleviating neck tensions and decreasing overall stress.  

  • Stand with both feet directly facing the chair
  • Place one foot on the chair and your hands on your hips (picture a)
  • Standing leg must stay firm and active throughout the pose
  • Hips and pelvis must stay aligned and square to the chair in front of you
  • Without moving your hips, turn your torso toward your bent leg and place your opposite hand on your knee (picture b)
  • Inhale and lift up through your spine, exhale and turn a little more moving both shoulders back (picture c)
  • As you turn your torso, press your standing leg thigh back to resist your hips turning with you. 
  • As you turn, move your torso (chest, shoulders) first before turning your head  
  • Release, and do the other side. 

After the second side, place both feet on floor about 12 inches apart, place both hands on a wall or a desk, straighten your arms, pull back with your legs and legthen your spine.  Stay for a few breaths then come up.


  • If you feel wobbly or "balance challenged" in the standing twist, do this by a wall.  Have your bent leg next to the wall placing either one or two hands on the wall as you twist. 
  • Contraindications:  Pregancy, women during their cycle, recent hip replacement.