Rejuvenation through Whole Food Cleanse, Yoga, and Massage

Optimal functioning begins with ridding the body of waste then adding in the organ friendly foods that promote health and bring energy!


This program is ideal for:

*A healthy person getting healthier

*A jumpstart to weight loss

*The beginning of a training regimen

*Anyone interested in optimizing their health

3 Week Program Includes:

  • Comprehensive WHOLE FOOD meal plan and snack suggestions- chosen specifically to facilitate the removal of toxins from your body
  • Yoga Instruction designed to support your body in detox and elimination
  • Massage-designed to assist and support your body in relaxation, flush lymph and move circulation.  Scheduled at your convenience.
  • 3 Weekly Educational Meetings (teleseminars- so if you miss the live talk, you can hear it via podcast)
  • A Program Manual-that explains why it is important to get rid of accumulated toxins, and gives detailed meal planning, snacks and nutrition-easy to follow

Program Details:

  • Meeting dates: Mondays Jan. 30th, Feb. 6th, and Feb. 13th 2012 (via teleconference)
  • Meeting time: 6-7pm
  • Program price: $200 (Visa, MC, Discover, checks, or cash accepted)

To Register or for more information call 720-219-5622 or 303-579-4194

Robin Hutchinson MNT, certified nutritionist and owner of Healthy Nest Nutrition, will share about the how’s and why’s of the importance of detoxing in health supportive ways and how to build a sustaining life practice of whole food eating that becomes a

lifestyle rather than a fad diet.

Kelly Moore, Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor/Massage Therapist and owner of The Balanced Being, will offer yoga instruction (no experience necessary) and include a 60 minute therapeutic massage session utilizing techniques to support the bodies cleanse.